Terms & Conditions

SHIPPING A REPAIR ORDER - Nation-Wide Repair Service, Inc. (hereafter referred to as NWRS) will provide repair tags at no charge. Repair tags should be attached to each item with part id, model and a problem description listed accordingly. Parts should be properly packaged to prevent shipping damage and shipped prepaid via the carrier and method of your choice. View our U.S. location and ground transit time here.

SHIPPING ADDRESS - Send all repair shipments to:

Nation-Wide Repair Service, Inc. (NWRS)
16151 Foster Street
Overland Park, KS 66085

TURN-AROUND - Items are repaired and shipped out the same day they arrive. For even faster service, see our “Advance Exchange Program” features below.

EMERGENCY SERVICE - There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for emergency rush service. At NWRS every item sent in for repair and return service is marked rush. Your parts will be repaired, live tested and shipped back to you the same day that they arrive at our facility. All return freight charges will be added to your invoice.

PRICING - Pricing is based on a flat-rate fee that is established for each part number. Prices are subject to change without notice. Repair charges and Advance Exchange prices can be found in our online catalog, by calling our toll-free customer service line at 866.655.8676 or you may email us.

ADVANCE EXCHANGE PROGRAM – There is a designated flat-rate fee for each part number ordered through the NWRS “Advance Exchange Program”. Core return time restrictions and procedure is program mandated. Please see the Advance Exchange policies for further details. You can find the price for the Advance Exchange parts ordered from our inventory as well as items sent to NWRS for repair and return in our online catalog or by calling our customer service department at 866.655.8676.

CANON WARRANTY - NWRS is a Canon Authorized Part Repair Facility. Repairable parts that qualify for Canon warranty will be repaired at no charge provided that a completed Canon e-Tag is included with your repair order. Return ground freight is prepaid under the NWRS and Canon warranties. (Visit Canon e-Support for details http://www.support.cusa.canon.com) Air freight for warranty orders will be added to your invoice. Parts covered under Canon warranty must be sent to NWRS for repair and warranty processing.

NWRS WARRANTY - Every part repaired by NWRS is live tested in its corresponding machine model. Each printed circuit board (PCB) repaired by NWRS is warranted for a period of one year from the date of repair. Subassemblies and mechanical items carry a 90 day warranty. This includes items such as staplers, motors, punch units, fuser and fixing assemblies, display units or monitors, hard disk drives and memory components. A warranty label is attached to every part repaired by NWRS and contains the date of repair and a bar-coded tag number. Return ground freight is covered under the NWRS and Canon warranty programs. Air freight for warranty orders will be added to your invoice. Parts covered under NWRS warranty must be sent to NWRS for repair and warranty processing. NWRS warranties are limited to defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service. NWRS will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the repaired parts.

RETURN SHIPMENT - NWRS uses United Parcel Service (UPS ground and air) for return service. Your shipment will be returned the same shipping method as it arrived unless otherwise noted on your order paperwork. For your protection, all orders are insured for replacement value.

FREIGHT & HANDLING - All return freight will be prepaid and added to your invoice. There is a $7.50 handling charge per order. All dimensional weight and oversize packages will be charged accordingly. COD shipments will contain more processing fees per UPS.

REPAIR POLICY - NWRS reserves the right to determine whether or not a part is repairable. Parts that are determined to be not repairable will be labeled “non repairable” and returned (if desired). Removal of hard drives or memory chips by the customer may void the NWRS or OEM warranty. Attempted repair of component parts by the customer may also void the NWRS or OEM warranty.

CREDIT TERMS - Terms are Net 30 for approved customers; C.O.D., pre-paid check or credit card for all others who are not credit approved. See Credit Terms addendum for details on credit approval. NWRS accepts all major credit cards.

TAXES - There is no sales tax charge. However, we will need your state tax-exempt ID number showing that you are a wholesaler on file. Please send this with your initial order.

LIABILITY - NWRS shall not be liable for any loss of business by customer or other consequential damage, including losses suffered by any buyer from customer.

NO TROUBLE FOUND - Boards sent in for repair that are tested and do not require any repair service will be marked as NTF and a testing fee of 30% of the NWRS repair charge will be applied.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT - This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior understandings and agreements. All provisions of this agreement shall take precedence over any conflicting terms and conditions of any orders issued hereunder.