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Tech Support

How to get NWRS Technical Support:

All parts repaired at NWRS are updated or upgraded to the latest version and live tested in equipment before being shipped. Should you encounter any problems with a PCB that has been repaired by NWRS, please contact us for technical assistance or to inform us of an issue.

Technical support is available from 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Technical support is live, quick, and top notch.


Our automated technical support line shortcuts are as follows:

After dialing our toll free hotline, 1.800.798.1814, please dial the following shortcut:

For copier products, press 1
For all facsimile and scanner products, press 2
For any other technical issues, press 3


* Referencing the NWRS warranty tag number allows us to know exactly when we repaired the PCB, which NWRS technician worked on your board, what the original problem description was, what work was performed on that part, repair and live testing time and what components were replaced.