FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions about NWRS

How do I get a repaired board fast?
NWRS provides two cost effective ways to handle your emergency service needs.

How do I become a NWRS customer?
Simple. Just send a board to NWRS for repair and provide your company info. You can also complete our customer account form on our website. This allows you to provide us information such as if your company requires a PO#, your billing address, contact and email info, etc.

Where is NWRS located?
NWRS is located just outside southern Kansas City, KS, a location that is almost exactly in the center of the U.S. This allows better freight costs and transit times for all our U.S. customers and is closer to Canada than other board repair facilities.

How do I get technical support?
Call us toll free at 1.800.798.1814 and you will find an automated system that will quickly and efficiently connect you with an NWRS technical department. Listen carefully to the menu options and choose the appropriate prompt that will immediately connect you to the most qualified technician for the product that you need assistance with. For non-technical issues or to place an order, our customer service line is now 1.866.655.8676.

What is an Advance Exchange?
The Advance Exchange Program allows you to order a repaired part from our facility and then return a repairable, defective core back to NWRS. Your order includes a pre-paid return UPS label and shipping instructions to make it as convenient as possible to complete your exchange order.

How do I place an order?
NWRS offers convenient options to meet your ordering style. Orders can be placed via phone, fax, email or online. Online is easy, email and faxes are quick but the phone is still our customer’s favorite method. A real NWRS employee always answers the phone and we love to hear your voice!

What if I have an Advance Exchange part that I no longer need?
To keep the Advance Exchange Program running properly, and to deter customers from ordering parts from NWRS to troubleshoot machine problems, NWRS does not have a set "Return Policy".  Instead NWRS, will look at all Advance Exchange orders that are not used or needed on a case by case basis.  This customer service friendly approach provides you with the best options to save money on parts that you do not need.  Please contact us as soon as you realize that you have a part that is not needed.  The sooner you contact us, the better chance you have to receive a refund.  Always contact NWRS before returning the part.  Restock fees may apply in some cases.

What does “an employee owned organization" mean?
NWRS is a 100% employee owned company. This means that the profits and shares of the company are distributed among the employees. What does this mean for you? It means that everyone at NWRS has great motivation for doing things right and a vested interest in making sure that every customer receives 100% satisfaction.

Who do I speak with at NWRS when I need help?
We are a rapidly growing company that maintains a small business feel and attitude. A real NWRS employee always answers the phone and connects you with the best staff member to handle your needs. Our management team is always accessible and is eager to turn any problem into a solution.

What does “Canon Authorized Parts Repair Facility” mean?
NWRS is a Canon APRF. This means that we receive full support from Canon USA and Canon Canada and are provided product information and schematics.
NWRS can also repair parts that qualify for Canon warranty at no charge to the dealer.

How do I process a Canon warranty?
Authorized dealers can get parts that qualify for Canon warranty repaired by NWRS at no repair cost. Simply provide your completed Canon Warranty e-Tag form with your repair order. Please contact NWRS or the Canon ISG Warranty Control Department for information or questions.

How do I get a board repaired under NWRS warranty?
Circuit boards repaired at NWRS carry a 12-month warranty. A bar coded date sticker is applied to all repaired parts that allows us to track warranty and repair information. All parts received at NWRS for repair are inspected for warranty coverage when your repair order is created and also when assigned to a technician. This assures that all parts that qualify for NWRS warranty are processed correctly regardless of warranty notification from the customer.

What do I need to include when I send a board in for repair?
A blank NWRS repair tag is included with all repaired items and also at customer request at no charge. The more information provided by your company the more we can provide back to you. Our customized computer system allows us to track repair details, problem descriptions, serial numbers and even the technician that sent the part in for repair. Along with the repair details please provide shipping instructions. Repair orders will be shipped back via the methods that were received unless otherwise noted. If provided the information on your purchase order, NWRS can drop ship your order to any location upon your request. If your company requires a purchase order number for billing purposes, please make sure that information is also provided.

What information is provided by NWRS on my packing list & invoice?
The NWRS packing list and invoice provides a lot of useful information. The information at the top includes your company info and the ship to address, NWRS shipment number (invoice number) and your purchase order number. Each line item on the packing list includes the part id that was repaired, part description, tag id and repair status. The tag id is your reference for warranty information and repair details. If the repaired item contains a serial number or if a tech id or attention to name was provided, then that information is presented on the line following the part id. The NWRS invoice contains the same useful information as the packing list with the additions of repair prices, shipment tracking number and the invoice total.