Credit Terms & Conditions

Nation-Wide Repair Service, Inc. (NWRS) offers net 30 days from the invoice date for customers with approved credit. Failure to pay within the terms of this agreement will cause your terms status to be suspended. Any unusual circumstance, which inhibits paying on time, must be discussed with our credit manager to retain net terms with NWRS.

All customers who would like credit terms must supply your authorized dealer information or fill out a “Credit Application” form and fax or mail to our facility. The Credit Application form is also available to be completed online. Please allow three (3) days to process your request. Make sure the vendors and bank you list will release financial information over the phone. This speeds up the process for all parties.

New Customers: To be offered credit terms you must do business with NWRS consistently for a period no less than 90 days. All customers without terms will ship C.O.D. or must be prepaid by check or credit card. NWRS accepts all major credit cards. C.O.D. fees from UPS will be added to your NWRS invoice.

Returned check fees: Checks returned for NSF or other reasons will include
a fee of $30.00.