Corona Virus Update

NWRS and FIT are located in Johnson County, KS (JOCO). JOCO has issued a “stay at home” order from March 24 thru April 24. We have contacted several of our local customers in the JOCO area and also other areas in the U.S. under similar guidelines. Those office equipment dealers are staying open and qualify as an essential business during these times.

In order to assist our customers with servicing machines in areas like hospitals, law offices, financial institutions and government buildings, we are going to remain open as well. We are continuously monitoring the situation and these decisions. Things these days can change hour-by-hour.

We are shortening our business hours a bit and reducing staff on site by doing split schedules. If our ability to remain open for business changes, we will let you know. Stay safe and please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.